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Hi I’m Rob and I’m an Alcoholic

Only recently have I come to the conclusion that I was an alcoholic. When I worked at Gateway, I drank a minimum of 5 beers every night. Then on the weekend, I would let loose, and get really pounded. I estimate that I was drinking about 50 beers a week. I was a totally functional alcoholic. I was at work every day at 8 o’clock sharp, and I worked late most nights, plus weekends. The alcoholism had little to no effect on my job at all. The only exception was that I would talk too much when I was drunk, and to this day, I still regret some of the stupid things I said while I was drunk. But that is minor. I think we all regret stupid things we say. Read More

Earle Grueskin for President

I guess I am the last to know that my good friend, Earle Grueskin, is running for President of the United States in a grass roots campaign. After the grueling, Democratic primary, I am actually thinking of voting for Earle for President.

I really think that he would make a fine president. Heck, he was the mayor of Sioux City, and ran facilities worldwide for Gateway. That makes him more qualified than either John McCain or Barack Obama in my view. Here’s the news reel below. Read More

What Made Gateway Great, and How It Fell Apart

It’s been close to 10 years since I left Gateway, and I often reflect back on those times. I started as the Director of Marketing in 1991. When I began, I would flip through the Computer Shopper and be amazed at how many competitors we had. As I recall, we were competing against close to 200 different computer companies. As time went on, I watched virtually each and every one of them fall or go under until it was just us and Dell standing. Many of these companies were much larger and successful than us, including CompuAdd, Zeos and Northgate. Read More

Teddy’s Christening

As I already documented earlier, Teddy’s christening had a cloud over it because the Father at our church would not allow Augusto to be the Godfather. He did allow Augusto to attend the Christening, and we took some photos of the big event. Solange was really excited for the event and bought Teddy a special outfit just for the occasion.