Angra dos Reis – More Photos

We just got back from one of the most awesome vacations ever. Angra dos Reis is the most beautiful place that I have ever been. I don’t say that lightly. I have traveled throughout the entire world, and up to now, I thought that Yosemite National Park was the most beautiful. I visited there in 1983.

Angra has everything. There are many mountains and water falls very near the beach. But perhaps most beautiful, are all the islands off the coast. They say that there are over 300 islands of all different sizes. Because of all the islands, there are very few waves and boating is very peaceful. Three times, we rented a boat and tried to explore new places. There are many private beaches and restaurants that are only amenable by boat. Many of the islands do not have electricity, only by generator. I really love to swim and I could spend hours just swimming in the clear waters with the fish. While swimming I saw many many fish of all colors and sizes, star fish, and a big tortoise. It was so much fun. The water is so clear that you can see everything in the water while swimming which probably has the best snorkeling in the world.

Here are our pictures of this marvelous place although pictures do not do it justice.

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  1. ROBERT… email me back because there’s a discrepancy in the class of your 1st grade pic. My 1st grade teacher was Mrs. Iverson. 2nd grade was Mrs. Middleman. You have my name as a participant of that class, but i do believe that i was not. Not that it means anything… really just want to congratulate you on your success. From AZ, home of the NEW immigration bill… good day sir

  2. Hey Rob,
    Those pictures are really beautiful. You all look great and the boys are just getting cuter and cuter.
    I hope to see you sometime this summer.

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