Stoned Thoughts July 2010

  • Am I getting my rated speed from my ISP?
  • We could get out of the current economic crisis, if all the people that had excess funds, like me, spent it rather than hoarding it. But that isn’t going to happen.
  • Would Las Vegas be a good place to live?
  • My job is to make things happen faster.
  • I need to articulate the vision of the company better.
  • This is what breaking even feels like.
  • Frank Zappa died of prostrate cancer.
  • Should the government spend more money on TV advertising?

One thought on “Stoned Thoughts July 2010

  1. Hi Rob,
    I was searching for old Gateway 2000 ads for nostalgia sake and seen your blog from the Computer Shopper Awards (swept em!!). I share your enthusiasm and admiration for Gateway and Ted. I started out working in the warehouse, and ended up working in IT with a BS in IS.
    When Gateway started taking a turn for the worse (after Ted left), I went back to school and became a Registered Nurse. Seven years later, I am combining my experience and education to move into Nursing Informatics. I’m very excited about the opportunities ahead!!! And I owe it all to Gateway and Ted… I will forever be “chasing the rabbit” to recapture the magic that happen there (both professionally and personally) and will be forever grateful for the opportunity and experience that Gateway provided me.
    Just wanted to share a success story with ya… this is what happens when real people do real things!
    Renee Carr 

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