My Grandmother – The Bridge Player

My grandmother died on September 22, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. She was 107 years old. She was the most amazing person that I know, and perhaps will ever know. Now that she is gone, I have lots of thoughts about how my grandmother shaped my life and I also have lots of stuff on my computer about my grandmother.

This is the first installment. My grandmother was an avid bridge player. Furthermore, everyone in my family is an avid bridge player. In my family, there are three sons, and my parents. The highest level that a bridge player can achieve in competition is called Life Master. Both my parents and both of my brothers have achieved Life Master. I guess I am the black sheep of the family as far as bridge goes, although I know the basic rules so I can participate.

My grandmother loved to play bridge too. She never played bridge competitively but we would always play in every family gathering since there was never a shortage of players. My grandmother played well into her early hundreds. In her neighborhood, she organized a weekly bridge game when she was in her 90’s. When she was 101, she abruptly stopped playing because she said it would make her head explode.

For those that don’t know, bridge is a very difficult card game. It takes a good memory and a good grasp of numbers and of course the 52 card deck. My grandmother had all of those skills and it is truly a marvel that she could play bridge to such an advanced age.

I took this video in 2002 because I was excited about digital video. The video quality is only so so, but the mere fact that I can pull this video from my hard drive and upload it to YouTube is why I love digital technology. Check out my grandmother at 99 years old playing bridge with me and my two parents in Los Ángeles CA.