Chinese Potstickers – Gyoza

Here is one of my favorite Chinese recipes of all time. It is a delicious recipe that can be founded in almost all Chinese restaurants. Also, this is a recipe that freezes really well if you follow the trick which I show in the video. Once they are frozen, you can have a great meal in less than 10 minutes after pulling from the freezer.

This recipe also brings back a lot of memories from my childhood. It is quite the production to make potstickers and our entirely family would work together to make a monster meal of potstickers. My Dad and one of my brothers would make the skins and my Mom and I would wrap the potstickers. It was a miniature assembly line.

My grandmother who recently passed away also made her version of potstickers and contributed to the recipe. The recipe is a family recipe that has been handed down from the generations and also quite different than the potstickers you get in the restaurants. Enjoy. This batch turned out delicious.

One thought on “Chinese Potstickers – Gyoza

  1. I make this gyoza few days ago. It tasted delicious. I couldn’t find ready made gyoza skin locally, hence I prepared it from scratch. The skin turns out fine and not too doughy. The trick of getting paper thin skin is using the dimsum wooden rolling pin which allows me to apply equal pressure on the dough to get the paper thin edge. This gyoza go well with Japanese Gyoza dipping sauce.

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