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Ground Beef and Tofu

Here’s another family favorite. The tofu gives the dish a nice light flavor, and it it is served in a rather soupy sauce. This goes great over white steamed rice. The kids in my family love it too. Hopefully, Teddy and Jesse will grow up to love this dish. Additionally, this is truly a home style recipe and it is not commonly found in even the most authentic recipes. A similar recipe found in some restaurants is called Ma Pa Tofu, but the difference is that my recipe is not spicey. This video is also a little different because I am using Camtasia Studio instead of Windows MovieMaker which I have now sworn off. Read More

Dear Barack,

There is certainly no easy way to put it. You got your ass kicked in the mid term elections. Well, I got some good news now. As I already told you in 2008, your presidency is going to be about the economy. You did not choose these circumstances, but they are yours to manage. You did not make the economy your #1 priority. It is not clear that it was even your second priority. From the looks of your first two years, I would say that your first two priorities were health care and the war in Afghanistan. Whether I am right or wrong, jobs were certainly not your first priority.

On top of that, you trusted the wrong people. There is no dispute by anyone that Wall Street is the reason behind this economic crisis. Yet you continue to listen to them almost exclusively and unemployment still hangs at 10% even with interest rates stuck at 0% for the foreseeable future. You guys sit around now that interest rates are at a floor and figure out how to “stimulate” the economy. They call it quantitative easing and I call it bullshit. There is a saying that if all you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail. If all you trust is Wall Street, then all you are going to get is the Fed printing more money and deficit spending. On the surface, I agree that borrowing money from the Chinese creates American jobs, but at what expense? Let’s just say that you have made a mess of it. It’s not too late, but you have to first realize that it is a mess and you’ve made it worse in your 2 years. You didn’t create it all, not even close, but it is your role to fix it, not make it worse. Read More