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European Cruise – Tunis, Tunisia

We went to a lot of places on our cruise, and perhaps the ugliest place was Tunis, Tunisia. We had a some fun dressing up in the local costumes and also riding on a camel’s back. That is the basis for this slide show.

That said, Tunis was probably the least desirable stop on our cruise. That is a lesson to be learned about cruising. Carefully investigate each port of call. In many cases, the cities are paying the cruise lines to stop so that we will spend our tourism dollars. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with how interesting the place is.

100th Birthday Speech

My grandmother is an incredible woman! She turned 100 years old on June 6, 2003 and we had a very nice celebration for her on Sunday June 8 in Los Angeles. She was involved in every detail of the party including the restaurant, the menu, the attendees, and the seating chart.

I hope that I am so active if I ever make it to 100. Most importantly, she wrote her speech for the party. Here is the speech in its entirety. Read More