Are All Muslims Going to Hell?

In April 2004, America was in the thick of the Iraqi war. Plenty of casualties on both sides, with both sides proclaiming their efforts were in the name of “God”. It shocked me to see the insurgents screaming “Death to the Americans Zionist Pigs” in the name of their God. Worse yet, our own president, Bush, confessed that he prayed to God mightily before entering our nation into war. If you listened to all the rhetoric, it seems that God was playing both sides of the fence.

This bothered my Christian way of thinking. To my God, earthly things are trivial. His divine purpose is creating the ultimate destiny of humanity. Only He understands the destiny of mankind and certainly not us mortals that live at best 100 years at a time. Why would He incite such a thing? Or could it be that both sides are confused on their vision of God, and this confusion is causing the chaos?

So one night, I bring up the key question to some of my Christian friends. Are all Muslims going to hell? This is indeed a dilemma. The Bible teaches the only way to heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior. It is painfully obvious to me that no self respecting Muslim is going to accept Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. But the Bible is about 2000 years ago, and the Koran and Mohammed came after Jesus Christ, so perhaps the Bible did not contemplate other and more recent ways of achieving eternal salvation. At least so I thought.

My friends explained to me that was simply not true. The Bible is explicit and universal on this subject, and there is only one conclusion that one can make. All Muslims are going to hell. I countered time and time again, but unless a Muslim accepts Jesus Christ as their lord and savior, they will suffer eternal damnation. This really set me for a loop. If this was true for Muslims, did the same logic apply for Buddhists, Hindus, and other religions? Did I believe believe that my religion is better than the religions that the other 75% of the world practices? No, I did not. My friends patiently explained to me the relevant Bible verses, but I didn’t want to hear it.

But things got worse in my mind rather than better. If we really believed that all Muslims were going to hell because they do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, then should’t our role be to enlighten them and not kill them? Is the war in Iraq more or less likely to convert Muslims to Christianity?

So I decided to have lunch with one of my senior pastors at my church. I asked him, “When you close your eyes and pray to God, do you believe it is the same God that a Muslim prays to?” He answered very quickly. No it is not. I pray to a real God, and the Muslim prays to a false God. He started to give more Bible verses to read, but to be honest, I didn’t want to read them.

It’s a slippery slope. We interpret the Bible to mean that our God is the only true God, and all others are false Gods. Do Christians really believe this? If they do, with all their heart, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to come to the conclusion that a Christian life is worth more than a Muslim life. After all, all Muslims are going to hell. I believe that God made all of us equal, but somehow as Christians, we have some of the underpinnings of religious superiority. Yuccch.

At this point, after about 4 months of this in my head, I decided to stop going to church. The reality is that there is no sure way of knowing if one religion is superior to another. All we have is faith. I felt that my faith was leading me to a bad place, where I felt religious superiority to others. I have never felt this way about my faith, and I hope I never will. I feel grateful for my religion and the insights and peace that it gives me. I feel humbled that there is a larger plan. But I have never felt superiority. And I felt that if I continued my current path, it was leading me there. So I just stopped going.

As of this writing, I still struggle with this issue. I still believe that it is wrong to believe that Christianity is the exclusive way to heaven, and hence we are the only true religion. I believe it is dangerous to believe this and I refuse to. But I have started to go to church again. There is more goodness there than bad, but I still would prefer that it would all be good when it comes to God. Maybe one day, He will make it so.

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  1. Please read the article at the website above. It shows that Mohmammed had people killed including rival prophets and numerous jews. He was peacefeul early on but was violent later on. In a book on called Islam and terrorism by Gabriel, it talks about Mohammed having a personal hit man at his service. Jesus never did anything like this. In the just mentioned book,it tells a story of a young member of Islam who became a christian. In their religon, this is sentencable by death. His own father tried to kill him and an attempt on his life was made several times. His sister helped him escape.
    Today in Sudan, thousands of Christians have been genocided at the hands of the Muslims.
    In the Koran, it says you can beat your wife.
    It is no wonder that half of all terorist groups are Islamic given the religions violent beginnings. But don’t forget the grace and mercy of God. It is conceievable God may save some because of their ignorance given he is a loving and merciful God. I know of no Christian suicide bombers, and Jesus had no one killed, in fact he turned the other cheek. Buddha in his later years according to Billy Graham said ” I am still searching for the truth”. Ron Hubbard , the founder of scientology said ” If you want to become a millionaire, then start a religion” Christianity is not a religion, it is the truth. Christ rose from the dead with over 500 witnesses, all the other religious founders died a mortal and final death since they were not God in flesh.

      Answer, “Well, not ALL of them, no… a better question would use the word “most”, not “all.”

  2. Hi
    I read this article, but all the time i was waiting for one thing. that the author should go to a muslim and ask him about islam but it never happened. Author goes to friends and church. How would someone know about the truth if he doesn’t ask the people of the other side. i would like to ask people who quote koran, when someone tells u something about koran please find that in Koran. there are millions of copies of koran available it is also available on internet.If it is hard find please go to this site

    you will see if Koran asks muslims to beat their wives or not.
    Hope u got the message

  3. Lately I’ve been struggling with the same issue. I’m only 16 and lately I haven’t had much interest in church due to this. It just doesn’t seem right that so many people are going to hell just because they don’t accept Jesus. They still believe in Allah which is probably their view of our God. We probably believe in the same thing but in different ways.

  4. I am a Christian. Claim as you might, the Christian Church (Protestants and Catholics) have their fair share of blood on their hands. For example, after the Lutheran and Calvinist Reformation there was significant violence predicated upon religious belief. Other examples include, the reconquista, the conquest of the New World, the settlement of North America, and in South Africa. However, all these incidents must be taken at face value. Is this what the Bible says because Christians have done violence. No, nowhere in Christ’s message are we to do violence. Additionally, the Bible does universally claim that there is only one way to salvation, which is through Christ. As a Christian that believes in the authority of the Bible, I cannot deny this. It isn’t about religious superiority, as you have suggested. It is about knowing the truth and showing others the truth with love and humility. If we act superior and righteous than we will be circumscribing the words of Jesus.

  5. The reality is a little different I believe. yes Jesus is the only way to the father, the bible is clear. Your attempt at being ignorant of that is also clear. You were given verses continually yet you say ‘but I didn’t want to hear it’. About Muslims going to heaven, I believe that anyone who has rejected the gospel has rejected salvation (John 3:17) however there are those that have no idea and in this regard i believe that God is just, Holy and merciful. He will decide according to their knowledge and conscience.

    On the verse about beating women in the Quran, it certainly is there, just read Sura 4:34

    “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them. Lo! Allah is ever High, Exalted, Great.” PICKTHAL translation of the meanings of the noble Quran

    God wants that none should perish, I love muslims, buddhists, anyone and being Christian does not make me any better but it does mean that I have accepted the gift of salvation through the cross through the only one who is truly Holy and able to judge.

  6. i find it quite interesting that you feel you know enough about islam and indeed about the english translation of it to derive such a derogatory meaning of islam and its teachings. islam is a peace loving religion, and if you dont believe it, ask yourself what exactly you have done to justify that comment. have you researched the religion? have u read the old testament adn the new testament, and then the koran to see the progression of religion? or has popular opinion guided you to such an extent that you are blinded by your own foolish ignorance.

    I am a Muslim, and I do not speak Arabic. so even I wouldnt ever profess knowledge enough to be able to say I understood what the Arabic meant–English translations are not the real thing–they cannot account for the true multifaceted meanings behind the words. only people who know Arabic can read the original text.

    so–dont judge anyone (muslim or not) lest you be judged. and thats something we all believe.

    1. Hi Zara, I’m going to say right off that I do not hate any of my brothers and sisters, especially from other backgrounds that live peacefully, coexisting in love with others. Full stop.

      So stating “islam is a peace loving religion”… is absurdly ridiculous or delusional. Islamic/Sharia law and it’s barbaric ideology is anything but peaceful and loving. How they view/treat females, gays, infidels, Christians, Jews, even their own kind, is horrific. The whole world sees the barbaric evil carried out by the religion of Islam. Even the Sunni and Shiite Muslims hate/ kill each other. And that’s not a judement; it a historical ongoing fact.

  7. A religion is not only a couple of paper pages glued together in a book.

    A religion is, mainly, defined by the ones who follow its principles and interpret its supposed truths.

    The inquistors who burned gays, women, old men and teenagers in the fires of ignorance always justified theirs actions quoting the bible.

    When the crusaders took Jerusalem, they raped and killed the muslim population.

    When Saladin, a follower of the “bloody islam”, took Jerusalem, he assured safe-conduct for all christians who surrended.

    You guys say that “Christ rose to Heaven in front of more than 5000 witnesses”. Where did you read that? In the bible, a book that is not considered historically reliable even by christian scholars??

    I do not believe in Hell, or eternal salvation. But as an historian, I do not admit that a religion with such a great history and culture such as Islam be derogated as a “violent cult”.

  8. Very interesting all of your responses. the FACT here is that Jesus Christ “rose from the dead.” No other “human being” can make claim to that. He specifically said: “I am the Way the Truth and the life. NO ONE comes to the father (God) but by ME!” Did you get it? NO ONE!!! That means that no one, not any “religion” (muslims, christians, YES christians, buddists, etc.) will make it. I said christians, because many many people sit in churches and will stand before God and he will say: “Depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire prepared for the devil and his angles”. Don’t all you people get it??? Its NOT about a religion but about a “relationship.” Nicodemus in the bible was a “religious” man who sought God. But Jesus told him that unless you are “born-again” you cannot see the kingdom of God. You people are “blind.” The bible also says that many are called, but few are chosen. So everyone who is not “born-again,” you are in this catagory and will burn in hell fire. Jesus warned about this place over and over. Most people don’t realize that Jesus himself spoke about hell MORE than any other subject. Read the 4 gospels for yourself…(mark, luke, john, and matthew) Muslims are lost…God is a god who cannot be in the presence of SIN! That is what will keep ALL muslims, MANY so called “christians”, buddists, etc. OUT of heaven. SIN my friends is the reason that most of mankind will be cast into hell. Remember, GOD DOESN’T SEND ANY MAN TO HELL, YOU SEND YOURSELF TO HELL WHEN YOU REJECT JESUS AS YOUR PERSONAL SAVIOUR….If you are reading this, and you do not ask Jesus to come into your heart and really repent (to be sorry) for your sins and TURN—-I said TURN from your sins, (change) YOU WILL REMEMBER READING THIS FOR ALL THE DAYS THAT YOU ARE IN HELL BURNING FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER…NEVER TO DIE, BUT BURN FOREVER…This is not a “scare-tactic” but the truth. The bible also says that the “fool says in his heart their is NO god”. Do you sell what God said? THE FOOL SAYS THEIR IS NO GOD…. Are you a fool? If you die without Jesus, “then yes, you were a fool.” Get saved NOW!!!!

  9. I am having a similar dilemma, I have been studying many of the worlds religions for a few years and it seems that in every single religion that the final word is, to have faith. Faith, while I can understand having faith with some concrete and constant evidence, but going purely on faith is something that I as a human being can simply NOT do. I’ve tried but I would just be lying to myself if I did, and I can’t understand how so many people could blindly put so much faith into these things, being that most religions are quite old and as camp-fire stories tend to change over time, I doubt that the holy texts were spared that curse. I had a long discussion with my history proffessor about this, one of the things I told him was that I have a liking of the supernatural. So of course, religion will interest me, but as I said before I can’t just belive with faith and very old documents only, I personally need to see with my eyes for example; an angel fly about or something similar.

  10. Hi,
    I found your blog via google by accident and have to admit that youve a really interesting blog 🙂
    Just saved your feed in my reader, have a nice day 🙂

  11. It’s nothing to do with religion. It’s about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. First, if you look at the history, it could be proven that Jesus was live on this earth, even Muslim regards this. Second, Muslim regard Jesus as just another prophet. But from Jesus quote who said, “I am The way, The Truth and The Life, No One comes to the Father except through me.” I don’t think any GOOD prophet would say that. Either He is madman, a liar, or He is who He said He is. The bible also promise that “Seek and you shall find”. If you pray with all your heart to seek God, He will reveal the truth to you.

    God is perfect, therefore He couldn’t allow any sin in Heaven. As the bible said, all man has sin and fall short of the glory of heaven. In order to fulfill His justice and His love to human being, He had to send His One and Only Son to pay for our sin.

    If you sin 50 years ago by killing someone, then you do good things for the last 40 years. When the US government found out, would you be set free for the murder that you did 50 years ago. NO, someone have to pay for your sin. And that someone should be sinless in order to qualify. So your good deed will never be good enough to gain your entry to heaven. Believe me that if there was a better way to fulfill His Love and Justice at the same time, He wouldn’t let His son came to this world to die for us.

    As for people who claims to be atheist, I do believe that they must have a whole lot of faith. Out of the knowledge and science in the universe, how much of it do you think that you know? 10%, 1%, or maybe 0000001%? Are you telling me that out of 99.999% there is no possibility of THE Creator exist in this world?
    That mean you are soo closed minded.

    God didn’t owe anything to you to prove His existance, just look around you how this world so wonderfully made. And you with your limited knowledge think that it’s all happen by accident 🙂 If you saw a rock on the desert, you might think that it’s there by accident. If you saw a rolex on the desert, you got to be out of your mind to think it’s there cause it’s just happen to be there. The complexity of the Rolex point out that there must be a Designer behind it.

    If you look at how the axis of the earth is tilted just perfectly so that the earth won’t frozed or burned. You got to have damn huge amount of faith to think it happen by accident.

    Who do you think you are to know all the science and the law of this universe. The famous atheist scientist, Stephen Hawking quote on His famous book “The Brief History of Time” –> By the time we figure out how to combine all the law of this universe then we could read the mind of God.

    It’s not that you can’t believe there is God, you just choose not to believe in God. Cause if you believe there is a God, you might just have to change your way of life. The oldest temptation of Human being since the beginning of time is that they wanted to be their own God 🙂 That’s what being offer by New Age, Hinduism, etc.

    I feel sorry for those of you who consider themselves as an atheist, because since you’re here by accident, then your life really doesn’t matter. If you happen to be killed or get killed, so what 🙂 By accident you came to this world, by accident you’ll leave too. You better enjoy your life as much as you can and hope that you’re right, because if you happen to be wrong, you will have to answer to your created someday.

    I saw a comment regarding Muslim people and Christian people pray. They do pray to the same GOD. God will hear everyone pray as God let the sun shine to everyone including good guys and bad guys. However regarding salvation, there is only one way to go to heaven. It would be silly to think there are many ways to go to heaven meaning that God’s sacrifice His only son and it doesn’t mean a thing. As I said that He would choose other ways rather than sacrificing His own Son if He could find a better way to satisfy His Justice and His Love.

    Please check out “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, and you will have a glimpse of God Purpose for your life.


  12. The more I read blogs like these, the happier I am that I left the delusion of religion. You people are so unbelievably ignorant. You believe a book that says “all that dont believe in one particular faith will burn in hell”. Spare me. Any resonably intellegent person sees these a myths, pure and simple. These ideas were invented to control the masses through fear.

    If lets say it was true. Would I worship such a God. Hell No. If it were true that God and Jesus were and are Evil Tyrants. These deities are worthy of contempt and not worship. That is just plain sick. You are believing lies.

  13. To John:
    I love you man. I disagree with everything you said, but I love you. I will be praying for you. Don’t forget that God loves you.

  14. I typed this question into a search engine. I have muslim friends. I am Christian. Although, My Church has taught me to never feel as though My Beliefs are superior to someone elses. It pains me though to think that these good people will go to hell. I have asked them about their religion but have never asked them to convert. I don’t feel like risking a friendship. But I’d rather never talk to them again in my life, If it meant them going to heaven. Someone please Help Me.

    14 yrs. OLD

  15. Don’t cast your pearls before swine….. Im not saying that unbelievers are swine…but if you know the bible …then cool it man.. Just because you believe in the bible does not make you ignorant….that doesn’t make sense if im learning new things how can i be ignorant….I’m a Christian and defiantly believe in Jesus Christ…I respect Muslims..and uphold them as people that should be treated with respect…

    I mean i have atheist associates and people from all diff religions…but i still reserve and believe in jesus… Do i believe Muslims are going to Hell, well thats none of my bees wax…i just focuse on not sining and doing right and try to have a better relationship with Jesus…

    In my living i have only brought one person to Jesus, and that was my Mother…everyone else rejected what i had to say…there is evidence that proves Jesus was God… but its not whether i can prove it, its wether you can accept the fact its real…

    Jesus is not your Idol…meaning he is not what you think he is….meaning God is almost the exact opposite of what the average Joe thinks God Is…..Allot of Christians or people new to the faith…Know that Jesus is God…but don’t really know Jesus on a deep deep level….and people who claim they truly know God…Read the Bible….a couple of times….make a list of what you think jesus is before you read it twice then after…and you will see you were totally wrong….

    Jesus is not asking you to believe in him, he is asking you to become his servant, and to follow his commands indefinitely..he is not just asking you to change your hair or put on some new shoes….but deep things to turn away from…which brings persecution, makes one an outcast….and makes life allot harder…

    In turn he blesses your life, and you receive eternal life… have joy..and will always remain afloat…

    But allot of people are not trying to that…even pastors…they say they love him…but what do they do when the pressures on!.

    I was communicating to the people who were believers and non believers……some of the so called Christians were really harsh ease up…man…..

  16. With the The First Commandment God says, “You shall have no other gods before Me….” What this means is that Muslims are praying to Satan! They pray to allah who is not God the Father. Without Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, it doesn’t work folks. You cannot have salvation without Christ as the Son of God. Sometimes I will come across someone, even Christians, who have this so-called enlightened sense that all religions pray to the same god. Enlightenment is a characteristic of new-age teaching which says that all religions pray to the same god. That is the devil’s teaching, and people who think this way are in very dangerous territory. The Christians of this world should not be ashamed to know that Jesus Christ has supremacy over all things, and that all other religions are man-made, Satan-made religions. The bible is clear on that fact that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. When you die, if you expect to see allah or budda or muhammad, then all you’re going to get is Satan. And we all know what that place is. If you don’t pray to Almighty God, the Father, then you are praying to Satan. Its that simple. I doesn’t matter how enlightened you think you are.

    Being a Christian doesn’t mean that we just believe in Jesus. We must follow Him in our daily lives and put our whole faith at the foot of the Cross.

  17. I’m Catholic/Christian. I believe that living the teachings of Jesus is your path to salvation. Jesus said to “Love your neighbor as yourself” and to “Love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, and your whole body.” God is Love and I believe Love is the way to God whether that love comes from a Christian, a Buddhist, a Muslim or an African bushman who worships the water. Jesus told us we are all brothers and sisters and that we are all one. I believe that the benevolent loving God I believe in wants us all. No, I don’t believe that good people of another faith are going to Hell and also don’t believe it’s my place to speak for God and tell a Muslim he missed the boat on salvation because I frankly have no clue who is going where. The essence of what Jesus said is where we should be looking. Since the Bible is so old and translated from very ancient language, things get lost in translation. We should give our neighbors the benefit of the doubt. To accept Jesus’ teachings and then damn your non-Christian brother to Hell seems like hypocrisy to me. I for one, live my life as well as I can and try to be the best person I can be. I’ll leave the damning where it belongs: with God. PS: I have spoken to my Muslim coworkers and we have had many discussions about God and faith, healthy discussions. I found it to be fascinating as we discovered many more ways in which we are the same and not different. This is only my humble opinion.

  18. “When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his throne in heavenly glory. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left “Then the King will say to those on his right, `Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, `Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, `I tell you the truth, whatever you did to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did to me.’ (verse 40)
    “Then he will say to those on his left, `Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’ “They also will answer, `Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’ “He will reply, `I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do to one of the least of these, you did not do to me.’ (verse 45)
    “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

    Where does it say in this passage he will separate the Christians from the Jews from the Hindus from the Muslims…etc…?

    Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers..

    In Paul.

    But by your hard and impenitent heart you are storing up wrath for yourself on the day of wrath when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed. For he will render to every man according to his works: to those who by patience in well-doing seek for glory and honor and immortality, he will give eternal life; but for those who are factious and do not obey the truth, but obey wickedness, there will be wrath and fury. There will be tribulation and distress for every human being who does evil, the Jew first and also the Greek, but glory and honor and peace for every one who does good, the Jew first and also the Greek. For God shows no partiality.

  19. I’ve been having this exact same issue. I love being a Christian, and I’ve been one my whole life. But this is the issue that gets to me.
    Everyone keeps talking about people “rejecting” Jesus. How can you reject something you don’t know? Many people have never even heard about Him. Or if they have, its only in passing. And God expects people to hear about it once and immediately convert when no one else around them worships that way?
    Because then I think its not fair because I happened to be born into a Christian nation. People who are born in Africa or the Middle East or Asia do NOT get that luck. They don’t have that freedom and they aren’t surrounded by it everyday.
    So because of where I was born, I have the easiest chance to get to heaven. But didn’t God “put me” where I was born? And everybody else? That makes it seem like he’s condemning people on purpose. And I DON’T believe that.

    We say if a baby dies it goes to heaven because it never got a chance to know Jesus… why is that not the same for others?

    Someone please answer me. I’ll always be a Christian, but I can’t be fully devoted to something I don’t understand.

  20. My wife and I are looking for a new church and the one we have been visiting this month seems great. Until today, that is…

    The sermon was a serious graphic sermon about Hell as part of a series on Eternity. At some point, the pastor cites John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” He then followed with it was our responsibility to mission to the rest of the world because all the Buddhist and Muslims were going to Hell.

    This did it for me with this church and I won’t be going back. Here is my reasoning…

    The bock of John, while one of the four gospels is different because it not only retells the gospel of Christ, it also contains very different spiritual instructions. This is because it was written to Christians who were being persecuted and killed for being Christians. John uses very strong language to keep the flock together. Taking this one verse out of the context of the whole book and the relevance of the situation in which it was written changes its purpose.

    I am a strong Christian and I believe that the Bible is inspired by God. I believe it is the Guidebook to lead Christians to the Father. However, I believe my God is a God of love and mercy and is capable of providing paths to him in ways that best suit the people he is trying to reach. Therefore, I believe that it is entirely possible that the Quran is ALSO inspired by God (read Allah) and is the Guidebook to lead Muslims to the Father as well. To think otherwise is judgmental and places limits on God’s Grace.

    Is my belief correct? No one but God knows, but, I am not going to judge anyone as to if they are going to hell or not. That is God’s job. I wrote this more to help me express myself, rather than part of a debate. It helped! Thank you for having this blog and I hope you find peace in your delima about this topic.

    1. excuse me what makes you think that the quran was inspired by GOD the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL? You do know that the biggest shirk/sin in islam is to believe that JESUS was the SON of GOD or in other words associate partners with this allah this means believing JESUS CHRIST is the SON of GOD
      What the Muslim must do is to avoid shirk in both its minor and major forms. The greatest sin is shirk and transgression against the unique rights of Allaah, which are to be worshipped and obeyed alone, with no partner or associate.

      Hence Allaah has decreed that the mushrikeen will abide forever in Hell and has told us that He will not forgive them, and He has forbidden Paradise to them, as He says (interpretation of the meaning):

      Verily, Allaah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him (in worship), but He forgives except that (anything else) to whom He wills; and whoever sets up partners with Allaah in worship, he has indeed invented a tremendous sin

      [al-Nisa 4:48]

      Verily, whosoever sets up partners (in worship) with Allaah, then Allaah has forbidden Paradise to him, and the Fire will be his abode. And for the Zaalimoon (polytheists and wrongdoers) there are no helpers

      [al-Maa’idah 5:72]

      Every wise and religiously-committed person should fear shirk for himself and should turn to his Lord, asking Him to help him avoid shirk, as al-Khaleel [Ibraaheem peace be upon him] said:

      and keep me and my sons away from worshipping idols

      [Ibraaheem 14:35 interpretation of the meaning]

      One of the salaf said: Who can claim to be safe from this after Ibraaheem?

      So the sincere believers fear of shirk should increase as should his desire for his for his Lord to keep him away from it, and he should say the great duaa which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) taught to his companions when he said to them: Shirk among you will be more subtle than the footsteps of an ant, but I will teach you something which, if you do it, both minor and major shirk will be kept away from you. Say: Allaahumma inni aoodhu bika an ushrika bika wa ana alam wa astaghfiruka lima la alam (O Allaah, I seek refuge with You from associating anything with You knowingly, and I seek Your forgiveness for that of which I am unaware).

      Classed as saheeh by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami, 3731

      The above refers to the difference between major and minor shirk, defining each and describing its types.

      With regard to the difference between them as far as the ruling is concerned:

      Major shirk puts a person beyond the pale of Islam, so the one who does that is judged to be out of Islam and to have apostatized therefrom, so he is a kaafir and an apostate.
      kaafir=infidels, mushrikeen Musrikeen/Mushrik is the proper term in Arabic for a disbeliever.

      Some Muslims call them kaffirs, which is also Arabic meaning disbeliever. Except ‘kaffir’ is a slang word, and is derogatory. Like an ISIS person was quoted saying ‘you can push this button and send 50 kaffirs to hell’.

      Mushrik is the proper word in proper Arabic, not an offensive slang word.

  21. Andrea,
    Regarding your “We say if a baby dies it goes to heaven because it never got a chance to know Jesus… why is that not the same for others?”….

    That’s just what’s been said the last 100 years ago. The Presbyterians didn’t give up the concept of Infant Damnation until the turn of the previous century. (Previously, it had inspired Mark Twain’s famous quip about the weather – “It’s hotter than the Presbyterian Hell for dead babies.”)

    I think most of the commenters on this site should consider that all religions predate globalization. They thought that their gods had they same enemies as they. The idea of a creator who had an interest in “undiscovered” people in The Americas would’ve resulted in a radically different Old Testament/Hebrew scriptures.

    The nomadic tribesmen who invented our current Judeo/Christian belief system never heard of an afterlife. That came along as an effort to balance the good/evil of this life with a reward system in the next. Unfortunately, even that got co-opted by a system emphasizing belief over actions.

    So we’re ultimately left with a ridiculous situation where people center their lives around the 2,000 year old scribbles of people who would be laughable if they were writing today in Alabama. I mean, read the book of Leviticus some time. Out of all the things God could inspire, you really think he gave us that?

    Here’s my post on Hell. Remember, if you believe in Hell, you can’t take a day off from evangelizing. The condition of everyone you know for eternity depends on what you do in your 70 years of life. When you’ve been in heaven for billions and billions of years, the people you didn’t witness to won’t even be half cooked yet. Yours is such a just and loving God.

    If, as you say, you can’t believe that god would send people to hell forever, is it possible that you’ve evolved more than your belief system?

    Or, if the Bible is 100% correct, does God send dead babies to hell? All have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of god, you know.

  22. Allen,

    The God of the Bible (the One and True God) is Holy. He cannot be around sin. Man, on the other hand, is sinful by nature. Therein lies the problem of eternity… we, being sinful, cannot be in God’s presence.

    Step in Jesus (the one and only son of God)… being God, He became a man and lived an absolutely SINLESS life. He then suffered a humiliating death on the cross and went to Hell for three days. He rose from the dead, walked on the earth and then rose into Heaven…

    Why did He do this? Because He loved humanity. He died and went to Hell for us. We can avoid eternity in Hell just by accepting His free gift of salvation. How do we get to go to Hell? Refuse the gift.

    Christianty is not about a bunch of rules and regulations telling us what and what not to do. It’s not about shoving “our” view down other’s throats. It is about God’s love and showing it to others.

    Is there a Hell? Yes, there is. Should the goal of every Christian be to share the message of God’s love with everyone with whom he or she comes in contact? Absolutely! Will those who refuse to respond to the message of Salvation in Jesus go to Hell? Probably.

    The best option is to acknowlege that we are sinners and to accept God’s saving Grace that is offered in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Only then can we be assured of spending eternity with Him in Heaven.

    Allen, with all due respect and in the Love that it is intended, I am praying for you to see the Truth and to accept His forgiveness. I hope to spend eternity with you.

    God loves you, brother!

    1. I get confuse between both religions, and feel time is getting short for me to know which one is true. I try to practice islam and still fall short to the glory of god. I find my self quetioning , wondering. What am i praying for and i keep sinning which i hate. Than i started to look at jesus nature and i ask god to please give me the same nature of jesus. Than islam says that is idol worshop. Some big leaders of bothsides is controlling. One says worship one god and the other says jesus is the way to god. If i follow jesus muslims say i will go to hell, christans say if i dont follow jesus i go to hell. Know i just believe in th creator and leave it like that just to avoid the confeution.Michael

  23. Allah decreed Muslims to enter Hell hereafter. Quran sura 19:71 Not one of you but will pass over it: this is, with thy Lord, a Decree which must be accomplished. Muslim Jabir Ibn Abdallah explained the meaning of, ‘Pass over it’ and he confirmed that, “EVERYONE SHALL ENTER IT.” Also Sulaiman Ibn Murrah said the same thing. Hell has lake of burning fire where worms do not die. Jesus promised Paradise to the criminal crucified beside him.

    Most Muslims refused to believe that they are decreed to enter Hell. Some of the muslims leaders believe that they will enter Hell but will not get burnt. Right or not, I do not want a religion that decreed believers to enter Hell as Lord Jesus said there was no possibility to get out of it (Luke 16:26) .

    Instead Lord Jesus promised paradise to the criminal crucifed beside him. In Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee today shalt thou be with me in paradise. (KJV) I rather believe in Lord Jesus and love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. I am writing to all Muslims who are deceived to believe in the lies of man and not in Prophet Jesus.

  24. Jesus was unique and fulfilled over a hundred of the prophecies of the Old Testament. Either Jesus was who he said he was or he wasn’t. If he was, and I believe with 100% certainty that he was, than everyone who doesn’t believe will perish. Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” (John 14:6) He didn’t say “A way,” he said “The way.” Everyone in the world is sinful and need to be perfect to get into heaven. And since the Bible says no one is righteous, no not one, we have to be made perfect to get in. The only one who was ever perfect was Jesus and his blood paid the price of salvation. The idea that “God wouldn’t punish people because he is a loving God is outrageous.” That is like a murderer standing before a judge and saying “You are a mericiful person and won’t punish me for me actions.” The judge would laugh in his face. How much more righteous is God than an earthly judge? The bottom line is this. Without Christ, you are condemned. Jesus is like a great defense lawyer. Even though we are guilty, he gets us acquited from the wrath of judgment; if we repent of our sins and trust in Him just as we’d trust a parachute if we jumped out of a plane. God bless anyone who reads this.

  25. We can only be certain of things in our life that are apparent to us.
    I would never have believed in Jesus Christ except my life pointed me in that direction.
    But each thing is relevant to me and me only. There are personal miracles that other people would not relate to.
    God will judge each person according to their knowledge and conscience.
    We have NO IDEA of the mind and knowledge of another being.
    I believe those who do go to heaven, would be shocked to see the souls of people who were Muslim or other religions because they have to play the hand they are dealt – which often is that they know nothing else except what they are raised to believe.
    If you want somebody to become “christian” – that is, follow the teachings of Christ and not simply be a church attender, then you need to PRAY for them – not try and argue logic or history because in the eyes of all people, logic and history always has a counter argument. Jesus said that some demons are cast out only after fervent prayer and fasting – do you think then that we can simply talk somebody into following the same path to salvation?
    As for the non religious atheist/agnostic.
    Please note that if we die and have lived our life for our God, the worst that can happen is that there is no afterlife, in which case, we shall not have any loss if death is simply the end. As a cautious person though, I feel at no loss that I might one day be resurrected. It is not my God that causes the war – it is people who go “in the name of God” that cause war – and if Jesus or Mohammed were evil or some other label that you give them, then by what evil are you measuring? Your own idea of evil – in which case you shall never be fulfilled making your own moral guideline in life.
    I believe in absolute truth because for me 2+2 equals 4, no matter how much you argue otherwise.

  26. Interesting article. Yes, it is indeed true that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God; Jesus is not an option among many. I come from a Hindu family but accepted Jesus as my savior.

    You should be aware that Allah of the Quran is a very different personality than God of the Bible, and they’re definitely not the same. Allah says that all Jews and apes and pigs; God says that Jews are a chosen race. More importantly, Allah says he has no son; God says he sacrificed His only begotten son for the sinful human race. The list could on and on.

    Islam and Christianity are a very different theologies, and only one of them has to be right. I choose Christianity because I have felt the love and peace of Christ, and I hope and pray you too find Christ in your life.

    God Bless you and your family,


  27. Wow, I’m a christhan/Catholic. I have muslim friends, but…. After hearing this…. I think i’m going to stop talking to them. Or, i’m just going to ignore them. I will still belive in Jesus. Muslims are indeed good people but……. After hearing this… I dont know now what to do. An intresting article yes very intresting… I can’t say anything about anyone’s opinions here whatsoever. I’m a chirsthan. he is my savior, and you cant take that way from me. Best wishes and have a nice day 🙂


  28. “At this point, after about 4 months of this in my head, I decided to stop going to church. The reality is that there is no sure way of knowing if one religion is superior to another. All we have is faith.”

    You are a feeble-minded fool. “All” we have is faith? Are you serious? Faith is “ALL” that matters. You are over-thinking something that couldn’t be more simple.

  29. From reading this article ..I felt that you are a good person & concerned about the fate of Muslims every where..what my religon taught me is to believe in Jewish & Christian Religions because both where sent from the same source (GOD)..& to believe in Islam & Mohammad as a Messenger from GOD as the last Religion that GOD is sending to humen..So I hope that all the Jews & Christian know what Muslims believe in..& you know it’s what you believed & what you did in this life is what’s going to save you (or not)in the Judgment Day

  30. What a number of people are forgetting is the vital question. What makes a person a Christian. A Christian is anyone who realises that they have sinned in one shape or form but had asked God to forgive them through the Lord Jesus Christ who was without sin. Jesus Christ allowed Himself to be beaten mercilessly, mocked, battered and crucified (this is putting what he went though lightly)in our place which is what our sinfulness deserved. He took our punishment when we did not deserve it and paid the price. Tell me someone else who did that. This is the difference between truth and falseness.Think about it and direct your questions to receive the true answers.

  31. It amazes me how many different opinions there are out there. One says there is no God. One says there is one God but many ways to him. One says his way to God is the only way. The other guy says the opposite. And everybody justifies their answer by there own little piece of experience in this life. Or they justify their answer by the only resource they are familiar with. It is a good exercise to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and really try to understand where they are coming from. I was born into a Christian nation. I had the Bible in my house, and was raised on a christian faith. Isn’t it something, isn’t it so weird that I happen to be a Christian? ISn’t that weird? And isn’t it weird that some guy who was born into a Muslim nation, had a Koran in his house, went to Islamic mosques as a kid, isn’t it the darndest thing that he turned out to be- big shocker here- a MUSLIM?
    I will leave all judging to our Father. OUR Father. I will simply love our Father (and our Mother Earth) and love my people as I was commanded. Beware of knowledge. It is from the tree of knowledge that we left the garden.

  32. Is your God , is your father? You are in a big mess.Try to know what are you saying & (believing in) ,& read about all Ahmad Deedat lectures (he speaks English)as his original language & it will help you all if you have any doubts about the true religion (ISLAM), or you will be lost in this life & the after life .

  33. If any one have a functioning brain & not speaking only about his life experiance & what he had taught till now ,& go searching ISLAM in Islamic books (not books written by non Muslims)& asks Islamic experts ,He will know that the only true religion is ISLAM .

  34. Spongey are realy Spongy brain ,you are afraid even from the idea & won’t even try to know the truth .You are not on the the true religion , the true religion is ISLAM .all other religions are falsified & altered through the years & don’t say no before you all in this web make a good search.I’m telling you that & God will ask you about all the hints that came to you during this life & why you did not want to know the right from wrong & you will be punished because you did not believe that there is (ONLY ONE GOD & MOHAMMAD IS THE MASSENGER OF GOD) & it is defenitly not an asy punishment.

  35. i go 2 university in cairo and i have tons of muslim friends and some who i consider them to be so close to me we r like brothers. im christian and its a BIG known fact that in middle east muslim cant will not wont ever never probably even happened 2marry christian. so im a christian guy with all these muslim friends, a muslim gf (she doesnt wear hijab or nicab or else i wouldnt date her or should i say do her) and i feel so bad that they r all going to hell…………………………………. and probably me with them 4 adultery but i accept jesus as my saviour no matter what and ya i 2 was born in a christian family and happened to grow up to be a ………… u guessed it a christian. i dont know who can really say i dont lack faith jesus’ way is very clear that it he and god is one because his message teaches us 2 luv ur brother (earthly peers)and be kind and generous as YOUR loving father is in heaven not hateful upon jews… their religion has so much hate u see them always wanting jewish peoples blood its in their creed which is against our god (jews r his people)like someone mentioned here before…. its a bad religion i seen a muslim man beat his wife on the street with a stick i couldnt do shit or they probably would have decapitated my dick because they r satanic violent the gates of hell is the only place they r going and its hard 2 accept the fact but as someone else here before mentioned all u can do is live ur life and do wat god our lord jesus commanded u … love your brother …… so much all good messages its all the good word of god the one saviour who loved u so much that he died 4 ur sins humiliated spat on wiped and than they hanged him this is the sacrifice our god made for us so we can spend our eternity with him… i am right and anyone who disagrees with this message i will pray 4 u because that is christianity it teaches us only to be kind and loving to our enemies not to spill someones blood or explode urself so u can get 100 virgins that just sounds like so much bullshit because if there is heaven u would be spending it with god not with women. satan is clever he has deceived them and they worship him YES ISLAM = 666 SATAN ok its the trueth there is no dispuete

  36. Muslims definitely do not worship satan. As a Muslim-American, it hurts me to see that some people are still this ignorant. Muslims, Jews, and Christians all believe in the same God. There is no way that the Muslim’s God, Allah, is false in any way. Muslims do not believe you can be forgiven through Jesus, whom is a prophet in Islam, nor can you be forgiven by confession to a priest. What we believe is that you need to make a one-on-one connection to God, and pray to him, and ask for forgiveness. Allah is the most gracious and the most merciful.
    And as a side note, I would like to say that the Qur’an’s words have in no way been changed or altered by man. All of them are the exact same and are exactly how they were when the book was introduced. I cannot wrap my mind around being able to read and understand and follow a book with altered teachins. Different versions of the bible throws me off a little bit?

  37. Okay, first off, the burden of proof of any claim is on the person making it. The question is, what proof do you have of any of your religious claims. The bible is not proof because it is part of the religious claim you are trying to make.

    Here are some of the lines of “evidence” I have heard for why I should believe in god.

    Claim 1: You need to have faith and god will reveal himself. I did for years. God has never revealed himself to me in any capacity; not once. Even when I was a very strong believer, god never showed his existence to me. In fact, as a child in religious studies I was asked as part of a homework assignment to write about when god had spoken to me and I had to lie about it, because I could not think of a time. Once, as a child I thought I saw a ghost out of the corner of my eyes, but never even the slightest hint of a god or an angel or anything.

    So, since god has not spoken to me what other evidence is there?

    Claim 2: Jesus was clearly a god. What actually (non biblical evidence) do you have that says Jesus actually came back from the dead? Someone on here said they have 500 witnesses. Are these accounts recorded in other places besides the bible? Honestly, even if they are, what other evidence do you have? Because I am sure I can find more than 500 living witnesses that claim to be personally abducted by aliens, but that is not good enough to convince me that aliens have in fact come to this planet. Maybe they have, but someone else’s say so alone is not good enough proof.

    Claim 3: We don’t understand a lot, so there must be a god. Stating that the universe cannot exist without god is an argument of ignorance–not proof. Because I cannot understand how a watch could appear on a beach without a creator, does not mean there is no explanation. The reason it is rational to believe a watch has a creator, is because a watch on a beach leaves evidence of a creator—the pieces that comprise the watch are made by people. Also, I can go and watch a person put together a watch. I can see evidence that it was created and that is why it is reasonable to assume it has a creator. The reason that the belief in a watch’s creator is rational, is because I can find evidence that watch was in fact created by a something—not just because I have to assume that out of ignorance.

    Moreover, all the Greeks (that are now according to some in hell), could not understand why and how the moon and sun could move without the help of gods, are applying the same argument from ignorance you are.

    Claim 4: The universe is fine tuned for human life (the argument of arrogance). Also, while you may see the world around you as perfect, I see a lot of imperfection—death, disease, and earthquakes etc. Just because something is complex does not mean it is perfect. In fact, the world is a little overly fine-tuned. For instance, it is likely that a meteor hit the surface of the earth raising the Earth’s temperature at one time. Hypothetically, if a dinosaur could be time traveled to the modern day and was able to talk, I believe it would disagree with the fine-tuning argument because the earth did not stay tuned to its species “wavelength” for very long. Same thing will happen to us eventually. That is, eventually the earth’s temperature will heat up and make life unsustainable. In the long run, the sun will run out of hydrogen and turn into a red dwarf and in the short run global warming will make this a fairly less habitable place to live. If you do not believe in the effect carbon dioxide has on a planet’s temperature, I invite you to learn more about the surface temperature of Venus (which is hotter than Mercury because of green house gasses).

    More about the fine-tuning argument: what about all the silicon based life forms (or energy based etc) that might have existed if the universe was different than the one we can inhabit. That is, another universe that is “tuned differently” might have produced another form of being that we cannot understand. As those beings might make the same argument about how the universe must have been created for them. Just because life as we know it can only exist under very specific circumstances, does not mean that other life as we cannot conceive it would not exist under other circumstances.

    Claim 5: Argument of fear. So, an old book says that some guy claimed that if I do not do what he says, “I will be punished forever.” Okay, I feel that deserves merit for consideration, because the idea of burning forever does not sound so appealing. I might want to listen to what this tyrant has to say, because a bully that has that much power needs to be at least understood. However, a look of the evidence makes me really question whether this bully really exists.

    I know that to many it will seem offensive to call your god a bully, but, if I do not do what he says I will go to hell. So, there is an omnipotent being, who could make things different (it is in the definition of omnipotent) so he does not have to send the overwhelming majority of the sentient beings to eternal torment, but he chooses not to.

    Claim 6: Argument of unworthiness. But, you may say that God cannot allow sin near him and that is why we need to believe. Okay, I admit it—with or without a god—I have done things that I think are not in the best interest of humanity. I have done things I regret, but, so have you even as a believer. How does believing in god change that? When you die, how will your belief prevent you from sinning in heaven, when it could not stop you from sinning here on Earth. Is god going to take away your free will so you cannot sin? If so, why did he not do that from the start. Why did an omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent god make a people he knew would fail him (he had to know i.e., omniscient), knowing he would have to send most to hell for the very flaws he allowed us to have?

    I know there are all sorts of rationalization games that can be used to try to explain the idea of why god needed to create hell, and I will be happy to entertain them if you really want, but in truth it still is not proof for your god.

    Claim 7: There is no morality without god. I could write a lot about this, but this is long already. Is slavery wrong? If you say “yes,” then you are acknowledging that we have made moral progress without god. Nowhere in the bible does it say that owning a slave is wrong, but we know that it is. Based on that alone, I argue we are more than capable of making moral progress—having humans live better and get along with each other better for the time that we are here.

    You may ask what is the point of living if you do not believe in god. I don’t know, except I enjoy being alive. I love my family, friends, and my dog. I like my job, a good cigar, a good book, and a good video game. What other reason to live do I need. I am happy, and I want others to be happy because unhappy people make other people unhappy.

    Some of you may want to pray for me. Please do. If you really believe god is going to send me to hell for rationally looking at the evidence for his existence and coming up wanting, then pray to him to show me some. I would love for there to be an afterlife, but there does not seem to be a good reason to believe, except fear and uncertainty. If god is omnipotent and omniscience, he knows exactly what it will take to convince me and has the power to do so, but has not.

    If god is real, may he strike me dead this day, January 19, 2010; not by heart disease or car accident, but in old-testament fashion. If your god does exist as you say he does, where he will destroy, or punish forever, his creations he claims to love, I would gladly martyr myself—give up this life that is already damned to hell—so some people could at least truly experience his existence in this modern world. If my sacrifice of my life (which is currently damned to hell apparently anyway) could even save a handful of souls from eternal damnation, I would gladly do it. So, Lord if you are in fact real and really plan to send so many to hell (including me because I don’t see any evidence that you actually exist), please publicly strike me down this day, so that at least a few non-believers can see my fate and at least a few can be saved.

    By the way, in writing this I just walked down the hall past several atheists and god decided not to strike me down to show them of his existence to save them. Maybe it will happen later.

    In closing, no god has verifiably answered my prayers. No god has ever shown himself to me and I have never encountered any good evidence or arguments for god.

    God believers or not, I wish you all a good day and happy life.

    Nick V.

  38. Btw, I am still alive. I have walked past many people of many different faiths in 24 hrs and God has not shown up.

  39. i dont think it is right for anyone to say that, this particular person will go to heaven or not, because u dont know that yet. its not right to say that christianity is better then muslim or the other types of religion out there.know body knows the truth abt any religion. i personaly will not say that other religions are fake and mine is the right one. we will find out if christianity or muslims or the other religions out there are right on the day of judgment. so please people dont judge people know untill Allah or God shows up on the day of judgment and tells us the reall religion. PEACE AND LOVE!!!!

  40. The god of Muslims is the father of Jesus “as it is believed in Christianity”alone, and Jesus is believed to be just a prophet. This is what Muslims believe, and most important thing Christian and Muslims can live in peace and respect for each other.

  41. All the evidence that you need have been revealed
    and thus it is up to us to believe in our own religion
    and i feel bad for all other religion.
    YES islam is harsh strict and hard to maintain stability to be in the rightful path to heaven.
    but Islam is the only religion that i trust because the evidence is solid.
    :sigh: the “bible” speaks rudely about fornifications rather than the holy Qur’an.
    and i pray that ALLAH SWT will give infidels salvation and lead them to the right path
    amin ya rabbal alamin.


  43. OH MY GOD. Thank you for this article. You wrote what has been on my mind for a very long long looooooonnngggg time. Thank You!! I am glad I found your post.

  44. I feel we as people can forget so much of what the bible ask us to do. LOVE. If we take the time to learn from others we can grow as a people. I hear people say God have many names an love to be called by all of them.can we be real for a min christian an muslims have blood on there hands who is better we are not God live your life if you want to get to heaven live like it let God take care not man all we need to do is live.. now I am Islam.

  45. If you all seek to know the truth than i recommend the following. I was so convinced that i revered to Islam.

    See following site

    We all have natural intellegince, we should go out there and seek the truth….before its too late!!!

  46. its jst common knowledge just like drinkind water but its also intresting here.All the prophets were TRUTH AND LIFE for their believers like [MOSUS PBUH] [JESUS PBUH] [YOSUF PBUH]and all others prophets AND today prophet mohammad is last prophet for this woorld he is TRUTH AND LIFE for all kindman.did u get it? ALLAH is great……………

  47. I want to repspond to Rob’s original post that started all of this. Rob, I hope you are back at church. I too have struggled with that thought of being superior as a Christian. My pastor explained it like this: Choosing Christ as your savior is open for everyone. It’s not an exclusive club you have to be born into, pay to get into, or have some special qualification. We are ALL (everyone on the planet) separated from God by sin. Before Jesus, you had to follow all of God’s rules in order to be right with Him. Well, we soon figured out (and so did God) that we suck at rule following. Because God loved us so much he made a new way. He sent Jesus to earth on a rescue mission. He died on the cross for OUR sins. All we have to do is believe in that gift AND accept it and we are saved…aka going to heaven. Christianity is simply the name for those of us who have accepted that gift of grace. EVERYONE else may currently go by a different title right now but the gift is still available for them. Christianity is FAIR – everyone can have salvation. The bible says the road is wide but the gate is narrow.

    You mentioned us fighting the Muslims. Christians aren’t fighting them. Our governments are fighting. We as Christians should LOVINGLY be leading each other (no matter who)to the truth. Jesus saves.

  48. I back up & support everything “just jenn” said, Christianity is not an exclusive club. I have many international friends: Brazilians, Iranian, Costa Ricans, Nigerians, Spaniards, French, Filipinos, Chinese. We all recognize we are sinners & that God made Christ who knew no sin to become sin on our behalf, so that we may become the righteousness of God in Christ. I love thinking about being in Heaven with all my brothers & sisters from around the world in their beautiful native clothing & we will all worship the Majestic & Glorious Lamb of God, Jesus Christ!! He alone is worthy to be praised!

  49. A person is either in darkness or in the light. Accept Jesus and you will be in the light. There is no other way to be reconciled with God. If God were to accept responsible persons who hadn’t put their faith in His Son Jesus Christ, it would make God a liar. The Word is absolute, ‘If you confess Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him form among the dead, you shall be saved.’.

  50. one day this taught crossed my mind; i asked God in my prayers pls God are muslims going to make heaven he told me to go and read gesesis 8vs16 when i read it i asked him what did it mean? he told me only 8 persons were saved so am not looking for crowed anyone who is not born again will not see the kingdom john 3vs3 he said i am not a liar i asked him of people who never heard the gosple he told me i am a just personal opinion to the whole world heaven and hell is real only jesus christ the son of God john 10vs36 can take u to heaven or hell john 14vs6

  51. Many of the views are quite interesting to investigate from different translations – e.g. the beating verse.. When I compare the translation of e.g. Ahmed Ali and Laleh Bakhtari with others I find it quite stunning that they differ så much. The Al-Quran is a great site to compare these (it includes annotated text and commentaries of the original translations).

  52. Chrisitans believe jesus is God in Human form.

    What is it that God cant see from the heaven that he has to come down to earth to see as Jesus?

    What is it that God cant do from the heaven that he has to come down to earth to do as Jesus?

    What is it that God cant say from the heaven that he has to come down to earth to say as Jesus?

    Who is it that God cant punish from the heaven that he has to come down to punish to as Jesus?

  53. I was once a christain I alway read the bible and go to church but I start to think 1) why did we have old and new bible 2) why did god kill his son because of our sin if he really is a forgiving father why can’t he forgive us without killing someone that did not commit any crime 3) looking at no 2 I found that god did not do justice 4) I ask my pastor how many god did we have he told me only one and I told is jesus god he said yes I said y because he is d son of god daz rubbish 5) muslim belive in jesus y can’t chrisatain belive in him 6)only muslim cover their body but christain does not my pastor told me that faith is in the heart not covering d body daz useless if faith is in the heart is suppose to show in the face for example I ask a man where is your pen he told me its in d table and I could not find it their it daz how faith is u hv to show it 6)I read a muslim book about purification but in christain their is nothing like purification I start to dout abut christainity I went deep to no more about islam and finally all d dout vanish because I accept islam is d pure religion on earth the prophet muhammad is loving and kind and islam does not agree a man to beat his wife or cheat and kill d christain,jews,hindus etc thoes people that assault d prophet by calling him a lair and say muslim belive in satan I would abuse u bcous u are all blind and deef u can see or hear d truth I pray god to show u d way’ to show that he is not ur father ur is at home he is d lord and we are his servant to show u dat jesus is not his son neither he was crusified jesus is a prophet just lyk d other prophet but he was one of d high prophet. Bcus he was giving injil (bible) to show u dis new bible is not the original bible send by god and stop abusing islam a alway get pissed when someone abuse my religion islam I luv what am doing now and hope god will show d way just as he show me

  54. Mr. Cheng,
    I found your blog post as one written by a kind and loving man who isn’t comfortable excluding people from heaven. I, being a Christian, desire to “love my enemy” and be inclusive by sending an open invitation to all of mankind ( and certain types of pets). But it’s God’s Home, so he makes the rules. But don’t confuse God not allowing someone into heaven as Him hating them. Do you allow everyone to use PC Magic free of charge, or hate those who don’t use it? I don’t know you personally, but I’d bet not; you agonize over not including people into heaven who would gladly watch Christians die in horrific ways because you don’t want anyone left out. However, if I refuse to pay the annual fee for PC Matic, and risk all my data because I wish Ill to you and yours, would you give me, and in fact, everbody, free total access (same access others have already paid for)? If you chose not to give it to them free, would it be because you have them and want them ransom-wared to death? No, I bet not. There’s a price to be included, and if you won’t pay the price, you can’t enjoy the benefits of membership, nothing personal. You know the answer already; There’s no way into heaven but through Jesus. PERIOD. Muslims shouldn’t feel singled out. God requires the same of Jews, too. The ticket cost is the same for everyone, and it’s a bargain! Watch me ramble. I know it’s an extremely old post and you’ve most likely worked out a solution that fits you a decade ago, but it’s given me an opportunity to do the math myself and come up with my own guess. I wish you and your beautiful family happiness.

  55. Read Paradise Lost. Though fiction, it gives good plausible answers to many of the questions you ask.

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