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My Beautiful Wife

This year, Solange and I are married 17 years. It has been an incredible ride and I am so proud of my wife that is so beautiful inside and out. I found some photos Solange took a few years ago on an old SD chip. I started experimenting with Davinci Resolve which is an incredibly powerful free video editor and this is the result. For the soundtrack, I chose the song “Diga Sim” by Ra├ža Negra. The name translates to “Say Yes”, and it is a sentimental song for me. When we were dating, Solange and I went on a cruise from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and she played this CD every day. I am so happy that she said YES.

90th and 95th Birthday Celebrations

At the end of March, my mother turned 90 and my father turned 95. We had a great family reunion. My nephew, Ryan, married a photographer and she made a video of the event. Grace is a great photographer and editor.

We are not them

I am proud that PC Matic was one of the eighteen companies selected for the NIST Zero Trust Center of Excellence. This shows how PC Matic stacks up with the eighteen.

Uma Casa Nova

I am so excited about the progress of our new house in Rio de Janeiro. My plan is to retire in Rio de Janeiro when Teddy and Jesse are older.

Can You Hear Him Knocking?

I wrote this song in the 80s, and I play it most Sundays for over 30 years now. Thanks to Teddy for the camera work editing.