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Can You Hear Him Knocking?

I wrote this song in the 80s, and I play it most Sundays for over 30 years now. Thanks to Teddy for the camera work editing.

Waiting for the Crash

I have read close to 25 books on the financial crisis and what I see happening in the United States truly makes me sad. The Fed is moving jobs from the future to the present at the expense of the young people and people who save money like myself.

I have also been playing old protest songs from the 60’s on my guitar. So this is my attempt at writing a modern protest song. Songs today have so little message.

Send Me an Angel

I wrote this song shortly after leaving Gateway. I was in my new house in Myrtle Beach pounding beers and hammering on my guitar. That was seven years ago, and now I am married to a truly fantastic woman. After so long, I finally found my angel. Next Tom took the song, and it now has a 50’s retro country type of sound to it.

Lord I know you've heard my prayers 
D              A 
Each and every night 
And I know I've heard your voice saying      
everything's all right 
Lord I know you're watching me 
D                    A 
And all the things I need 
A                     D 
But there's still one thing 
   B7             E 
To make it all complete      
A                       D 
Send me an angel, straight from up above 
A                                                E 
Let me feel your soothing grace and shower me with love 
A                    D 
Send me an angel, to sing my harmonies 
A                          E 
Send me an angel made especially for me

Singing straight from the heart
I want the old life to come to an end
And another one to start



I look all around me

I see couples holding hands

Oh, how I want someone too

I know You'll understand


(double chorus)

Cruising with the Lord

I remember the year well. It was 1998, and I had just gone through a messy break up. But I was in great spirits. I had just bought a brand new Toyota Supra. It was a great looking car for its time. It was a beautiful day and I started going to a new church in Austin TX. I was in great spirits and this song popped into my head.

G                 C
Going down life's lonely roads
     G           D
It's easy to get lost
G  D
At times
     C              G
I've got my signals crossed

G             C
So I stop and wonder
   G                  D
In which direction to go
G       D
My eyes closed
    C       G
I'm sure to know

    G        C        D
I'm cruising with the Lord
   G          D    C
He takes me by the hand
G        C        D
Cruising with the Lord
      G            D        C
We're going to the promised land

G              C
I was lost but now I'm found
    G               D
His grace abides in me
G       D
Finally found
 C                 G
A love that sets me free

G          C
Free as an eagle
   G                D
To soar where I may roam
G            D
Where ever I go
    C      G
I'm never alone

    G             C   D
I'm cruising with the Lord
   G        D      C
He takes me by the hand
G             C   D
Cruising with the Lord
      G            D        C
We're going to the promised land