Waiting for the Crash

I have read close to 25 books on the financial crisis and what I see happening in the United States truly makes me sad. The Fed is moving jobs from the future to the present at the expense of the young people and people who save money like myself.

I have also been playing old protest songs from the 60’s on my guitar. So this is my attempt at writing a modern protest song. Songs today have so little message.

Never Come Cry To Me

I really can’t describe how I write a song. It is the exact opposite of writing a blog or writing a computer program. In the latter case, you sit down with an intention in mind. With song writing, I try to make my mind as blank as possible. Think about nothing. Strum a few chords, and see what it makes you feel. Not what you want to feel, what you really feel. Sometimes, something happens, and many times not. Continue reading “Never Come Cry To Me”