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1986 Portrait of my grandfather taken at USC

circa 1970’s portrait

circa 1970’s portrait

My grandparent’s 20th wedding anniversary

1947. Mother Chen’s birthday. Fuzhou China

1945. My grandparents, my mother and her sister at the Ambassador Hotel.

1936. The Chen family. Fukien University

June 30, 1932. My grandparent’s wedding picture. Fuzhou, China. Wen Shun Girl’s School

1926. Chung Family, Father Chung, nieces, nephews, Uncle’s widow and their daughter, Wen Hui on the right

1915. Chung Family, Father Chung, brother, sister in law, and their two daughters, Wen Hui on the left, her two sisters, Uncle’s widow and her two children.

1913. Theodore Chen and his four sisters

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  1. Hi Robert, The East Asian Library at USC is organizing an on-site exhibition for Spring 2023 about Dr. Theodore Chen, and we would like to include some of these family photos in the exhibition. We are also planning a panel to discuss Dr. Chen’s contribution and legacy. Please let us know whether you permit us to use these photos and if you are interested in joining the panel discussion.

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