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3 Months of Teddy

After 3 months of staying at our house in Myrtle Beach, I am happy to report that Teddy has not yet worn out his welcome. Solange has taken tons of photos of Teddy, and I tried to sort out the best of the best. I’ve also tried to add some new effects using LyteBox to make a more entertaining slide show.

Theodore Chen Memorial

I’ve been working on a rather special place on my web site for a special person. I am using a feature called WordPress pages, which unlike a blog is not updated. If you look at the upper navigation bar, you will see a special place to memorialize the life of my grandfather.

The collection was made by scanning numerous photos that I found in a shoe box after my grandfather passed away. In addition, I also found a floppy disk which had some interesting facts about his life.
A truly remarkable man.

Rio de Janeiro Fly-by

When I made my video of our helicopter ride to the top of Corcovado, Solange took a bunch of photos. I combined these awesome photos with a new technology that I found on the web called Lytebox. It enables me to make a nice slide show with written comments on each picture. Making this slide show makes me remember all of the things that I love about Rio de Janeiro.

My Baby is a Giant

This is both Solange and my first child, so we have really no expectations for our kid. I think that is a good thing. Solange brought Teddy to the doctor for cradle cap, and the doctor also exclaimed that Teddy looked big for his age. This does not make sense since Solange is petite, and no one in my family is above average in size. I found a chart on the internet, and Teddy is OFF the charts! Read More

Swimming with Dolphins (Video)

In January 2007, Solange and I visited Cancún, Mexico with my brother, Dave and his family. Perhaps the highlight of the trip was swimming with the dolphins at Cancún’s Wet and Wild Water park. After swimming with the dolphins, there is an options to purchase a DVD. I then ripped the DVD, and put together this video. Read More