Foz de Iguaçu Video

We just got back from Foz de Iguaçu and it really surpassed my expectation. The water falls are considered to be the largest in the world, and it was stunning. The falls are so large and immense that we explored the falls in three different ways. First, we walked on the Brazilian side from the top of the falls to the bottom. Well, actually the bottom only brings you mid way down, which leads to a shelf, and which feeds to another water fall. There is a set of bridges that you can walk almost next to the water fall. So you can see a water fall above and one below you at the same time. Also, there is a rainbow rising up at your feet.

Next, we rented a helicopter to get a full look at the falls. The views were fantastic, but to be honest, we still could not see the entire falls because the helicopter never passed on the Argentina side. But the images that we took were amazing. Lastly, but certainly not least, we took a boat ride to look one of the perhaps thousands of water falls up close and personal. It was spectacular, but better yet, they then drove the boat into the water fall totally soaking us. After we were done, by 82 year old father said, the best was being the boat. It was all great and I made this video so we all can remember it. Don’t forget to watch it in HD.