The Problems with Opposing Roe Vs Wade

Before I begin this post, I want to state that I believe that life begins at conception. As the father of two children, I can say that a lot of the child’s personality is already formed in the womb, and you can hear a heart beat at very early stages of a woman’s pregnancy. Despite all of that, I have decided that it is a waste of time to decide the governance of our country based on this issue. My opinion has nothing to do with a woman’s right to choose. After all I am not a woman. I do believe that if terminating a pregnancy is illegal, there would be less of them. But again, I am don’t think there should be an effort to make it illegal. Here is my reasoning.

First there is the reason that it may just not be possible in the USA to overturn Rowe versus Wade. Just because we disagree with a law does not mean it should be overturned. There are lots and lots of American laws that effect me more directly than Rowe vs Wade. But I don’t spend any time trying to over turn those laws either. I hear from my ultra conservative plan is that we should elect conservative politicians and then they will elect conservative justices and then somehow there will be a critical mass of conservatism and Rowe vs Wade will be overturned. It has been 40 years since Rowe vs Wade and nothing close to this has happened and I bet it never will.

So that’s reason #1, but there is a far more overpowering reason to give up this odyssey. If we just open our eyes around us. All of our lives are based on the fact that life begins at birth not at conception. If you look at your driver’s license and your passport, one of the most important pieces of information is your birth date. Our entire system throughout the entire world is based on the birth date and not the conception date. Most births happen in hospitals and therefore it is fairly easy for a state to monitor most births and children not born in hospitals are required to register the birth or that child really doesn’t even exist. If you think about it, before a child is born, in our reality here on planet earth, that child does not really exist.

Think, think, think of how everything in this world is centered around your birth day. We count our age based on our birthday not the conception day and it just goes on and on based on that. Furthermore, how is it practical to have women register that they are pregnant? How do we know if the woman had a miscarriage or an illegal abortion? Should there be an investigation?

In conclusion. I think that on a moral basis, I agree with abortion being a bad thing but as one gets into the details of making it happen, it just does not add up. It is not practical and honestly our country has far larger problems to face. I think that the Republican party should drop this issue and focus on more important issues that will help it put this country back on track.

2 thoughts on “The Problems with Opposing Roe Vs Wade

  1. Hey Rob,

    I’m a new visitor to your blog, since I’ve been seeing so much of you on TV lately. I agree with you on almost everything you say…but on this issue, I’d call you half-right.

    To be sure, our collective energies would be better spent on any number of things besides waging a crusade to overturn Roe v Wade. You’re right about that. We would also agree on the likelihood of the ruling being overturned, as well as the implausibility of enforcing a complete moratorium on elective abortion,.

    But another question remains: do we, through our discourse, condone the act of elective abortion, or do we condemn it? Let’s suppose the GOP were to renounce its position on the issue. As it is, the Bush/Bernanke/Obama/Geithner cabal is barely distinguishable as it is on the other major issues. There would be an exodus of people from the GOP if some people lost one of their last reasons to support the party, which is because at least the GOP still stands up to the many egregiously and unapologetically pro-abortion elements in the Democratic Party.

    That’s my two cents. As for the other 95 percent of what you say, agreed


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I think there are two points behind this blog.
      1. Opposing Roe vs Wade is simply infeasible because the entire world and the systems are based on date of birth and changing this date of inception is not possible.
      2. We as a nation have become divided because of this issue and others like it. We as a country need to unite around issues that concern the majority.

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