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My grandfather was extremely articulate and humorous, and unlike me, was very comfortable in front of large audiences. As he became more and more an expert on China, he frequently traversed the country talking about China and its education system. I found this itinerary from one of his many speaking tours.

   Lecture Tour of Theodore H. E. Chen, February -March,1961

February 27, 8:30 p.m.	Address in the regional conference of 
                        the American Association of School 
                        Administrators in San Francisco

March 2,     9:00 a.m.	University of Oregon.  Meeting of 
                        graduate students and faculty of the 
                        School of Education

March 2-3		University of Arizona

   March 2,  9:30 a.m.	Panel discussion, meeting of students 
                        and faculty of School of Education

	    12:00 noon	Luncheon, School of Education faculty
	     3:30 p.m.	Meeting of Students in Far Eastern 
	     8:00 p.m.	Community lecture - Catalina High 
   March 3, 10:00 a.m.	Informal conversation with faculty 
                        members of University of Arizona 
                        during coffee hour.

March 6-7		University of Texas
   March 6, 12:00	Luncheon with faculty of School of 
	     3:15	Forum of graduate students of School 
                        of Education
	     7:30	Open lecture meeting.  Auditorium.

   March 7,  8:00 a.m.	Undergraduate students in 
March 8,    10:00 a.m.	Kansas State Teachers College,
			Radio interview
	    12:00 noon	Lions Club
	     4:00 p.m.	Faculty meeting
	     8:00 p.m.	Open Meeting for students, faculty, 
                        & Community

March 9-10,		University of Missouri
   March  9, 8:00 p.m.	Faculty reception
   March 10, 1:40 p.m.	Students in School of Education
	     4:00 p.m.	Graduate Seminar in Sociology & 
                        political science

March 12		Regional conference of AASA, 
                        St. Louis

March 15-16		University of Chicago
   March 15, 1:30 p.m.	Television recording for 
                        "School & Society"
	     8:00 p.m.	School of Education panel

   March 16, 9:30 p.m.	School of Education panel

March 17,		Eastern Michigan University
	    10:00 a.m.	Undergraduate students: 
                        "School & Society"
	    12:00 noon	Luncheon with faculty
	     1:00 a.m.	Undergraduate students: 
                        "School &  Society"
	     3:00 p.m.	Informal reception:  Students & 
	     7:30 p.m.	Open Meeting for campus & community.

March 19-21		University of Michigan
   March 20,12:00 noon	Faculty luncheon
	     4:00 p.m.	School of Education forum
	     7:30 p.m.	School of Educetion discussion group

   March 21,10:00 p.m.	Radio  WOUM

March 22-23,		George Peabody College for Teachers
   March 22,10:00 a.m.	Student Conversation
	     4:00 p.m.	Seminar in Comparative Education
	     7:00 p.m.	The International Club

   March 23,12:00 noon	School Administration Club

March 26,    8:30 p.m.  Regional Conference of AASA, 

March 28,		Classborro State College
	     9:00 a.m.	Student Assembly
	    12:00 noon	Faculty luncheon
	     2:00 p.m.	Student Assembly
	     4:00 p.m.	Informal tea
	     5:00 p.m.	Radio interview
	     7:00 p.m.	Dinner, Faculty & Students

March 29,		Harvard University
	     8:00 p.m.	Forum, Graduate School of Education

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