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My grandfather was an accomplished writer in addition to a public speaker. Many of his publications were considered leading edge in the 60’s, and consulted with Richard Nixon when he decided to create a detente between the US and China. I remember as a child reading the World Book encyclopedia, and seeing with pride my grandfather’s name for the articles for Taiwan and China.

As I was looking through my grandfather’s things after his death, I found a floppy disk, and it had a lot of information. One of them is a bibliography of all of his publications.



Developing Patterns of the College Curriculum in the United States.
Los Angeles: University of Southern California Press, 1940.

Elementary Chinese Reader and Grammar. South Pasadena: P.D. and
Ione Perkins, 1945.

Chinese Communism and the Proletarian-Socialist Revolution. Los
Angeles: University of Southern California, 1955.

Thought Reform of the Chinese Intellectuals. Hong Kong: University
of Hong kong Press, 1960. New York: Oxford University Press.

Teacher Training in Communist China. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Office
of Education, 1960.

The Chinese Communist Regime: A Documentary Study. (Mimeographed)
Los Angeles: Asian-Slavic Studies Center, University of South-
ern California, 1965.

The Chinese Communist Regime: Documents and Commentary. New York:
Frederick A. Praeger, 1967. London: Pall Mall.

The Maoist Educational Revolution. New York: Praeger, 1974.

Chinese Education Since 1949. New York: Pergamon Press, 1981.


“Education in China” and “Education in Japan,” in Comparative Education.
(Moehlman and Roucek, ed.), New York: Dryden Press, 1952.

“Education Under Communism – Remoulding 640,000,000 Chinese,” in
Education for World Leadership. Yearbook of 1960 Convention of
National School Boards Association.

“Chinese Communism,” in Contemporary Political Ideologies. (J. S.
Roucek, ed.), New York: Philosophical Library, 1961.

“Science, Scientists, and Politics,” in Sciences in Communist China.
(S. H. Gould, ed.), Washington, D.C.: American Association for
the Advancement of Science, 1961.

“Mainland China: The Red Storm Over Asia,” in Behind the Iron Curtain.
(J. S. Roucek and K. V. Lottich, ed.), Caldwell, Idaho: The Caxton
Printers, Ltd., 1964.

“Government Encouragement and Control of International Education in
Communist China,” in Government Policy and International Educa-
tion. (Stewart Fraser, ed.), New York: John Wiley and Sons,
Inc., 1965.

“Education in Communist China: Aims, Trends, and Problems,” in
Contemporary China. (Ruth Adams, ed.), New York: Pantheon
Books, 1966.

“The Thought Reform of Intellectuals,” in Government of Communist
China. (George P. Jan, ed.), San Francisco: Chandler Publish-
ing Co., 1966.

“Education and Culture,” in The China Giant: Perspective on Communist
China. Scott, Foresman & Company, 1967.

“People’s Republic of China – 1949-1968,” in China in Change. (M. S.
Bates, ed.), Friendship Press, 1969.

“Education in China, 1927-1937,” in The Strenuous Decade: China’s
Nation-Building Efforts. (Paul K. T. Sih, ed.), New York: St.
John’s University, 1970.

“Education in Communist China,” in Communist China 1949-1969. (Frank
N. Traeger and William Henderson, ed.), New York University
Press, 1970.

“Education,” in China, A Handbook. (Yuan-li Wu, ed.), New York:
Praeger, 1973.

“The Educational System,” in Contemporary Republic of China: The
Taiwan Experience 1950-1980. (James C. Hsiung, ed.), New York:
Praeger, 1981.

“Educational Development in the People’s Republic of China,” in China:
70 Years After the 1911 Hsin-hai Revolution. Published by the
University of Virginia Press.


Encyclopedia of Modern Education. (Philosophical Library)

Encyclopedia of Vocational Guidance. (Philosophical Library)

World Book Encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia Britannica.

Encyclopedia Americana.

122 Articles Appeared in Various National Magazines and News Papers.

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  1. Hi,

    I noticed you occasionally write and share some posts about Rio de Janeiro.

    We just put together an infographic about the upcoming Summer Games 2016 that will be held in Rio deJaneiro, Brazil.

    It would probably entertain your audience and be a good fit for your site.

    Let me know if you want to check it out, I’ll be happy to share it. ­čÖé



  2. Hi Rob,

    Thank you so much for kindly sharing the publication list of Dr. Chen. I’m a Chinese PhD student studying in Canada and writing my dissertation on the history of education in communist China, and among my hundreds of readings Dr. Chen’s stand out as the most informative and captivating. I was just reading another memoir written in Chinese about him before coming across yours:

    I wish Dr. Chen had a peaceful retirement life.


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