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Importing CSV’s using PHPmyAdmin

When working on the photo part of my web site, which is a many-to-many database layout, I recently ran into the following frustration. I have found that it is much easier to manipulate my tables in Excel, and then uploading the resulting CSV back into MySQL. But I kept getting a wide variety of errors stating that I had an error. Read More

Healthcare in the US and Brazil

Having lived in both Brazil and the US, it truly gives an interesting perspective in the differences between two country’s health systems. Here are some of my observations. I am going to assume that the people reading this article are familiar with the American health care system, so I will just point out the differences. Read More

Letter from my Grandmother

My grandmother is the most incredible person that I know. As of this writing, she is now 104 years old, and she was close to 90 when she wrote this letter. She was always trying to set me up with some girl. I hope that I am still doing matchmaking when I am 90 years old. Read More

All’s Well that Ends Well

It was truly one crazy day at hospital for the birth of my first son, Teddy Cheng.

We went into the hospital at 11 pm on 7/2/2007. As soon as we go into the hospital, they assign a doctor to us, and they give us Dr. Forbes. I say “What?” Both Solange and I are surprised because we had been going to a place called the Women’s Wellness Clinic, and had been seeing three different female doctors, with the promise that one of them would be at the hospital during the delivery. The attending nurse goes on to explain that all three of doctors had recently left the state. Wow. Things just keep getting weirder. Read More

Lay It Down

I wrote this song while thinking of many of my friends that still work at my ex company Gateway Computer. To be honest, they are struggling right now. My friends in South Dakota are frustrated for change but at the same time, it is hard to change the negative inertia. So rather than be frustrated, they should Lay It Down.

It’s been a while since I had written a full song and this one just popped out in March of this year.

Lay it down


I didn't ask to be in the place
And nothing is the same
So many people I don't like
C                    Am                     
But I got no time to complain

So much same old same old
No one's trying anything new
We're not judged on what we say
just on what we do

Time's run out for talking
This ship's got to turn around
It's hard when everyone's watching, 
A            C   G  A
But I got to Lay it down.

A        C   G  A
I got to lay it down
C                A
Judgment time is near
A        C   G  A
I got to lay it down
D                E
And put aside my fears

I'm not going to leave this place
without ever making a sound
Now more than ever
A            C   G  A
It's time to lay it down.