Letter from my Grandmother

My grandmother is the most incredible person that I know. As of this writing, she is now 104 years old, and she was close to 90 when she wrote this letter. She was always trying to set me up with some girl. I hope that I am still doing matchmaking when I am 90 years old.

May 6, 1992

Dear Robert,

When I came back from Honolulu, I received a letter from Mrs. Francis Chen. She included a letter from Dr Fan, father of Quang Xi Fan. The father reported that Miss Fan has a change of address. Dr. Fan and Mrs. Francis Chen are both anxious that you get in touch with Miss Fan. The letter must have arrived in the early part of my trip. Today I received another letter from Mrs. Chen. She was anxious to know whether I received the first letter about the change of address and phone. I thought of phoning you tonight, but since you are so busy, I decided to mail you the new telephone number.

I had a wonderful time in Hawaii. Lin-Hua treated me royally. She game two dinner parties at home and entertained me twice twice in restaurants. Some Yuaching alumnis also gave me a party in a Chinese restaurant. Li-hua also took me out a few times for sight seeing.

It has been quiet inside Village Green but many stores on LaBrea were looted and burned. The worst part was the burning of Security Pacific bank. A day before I left for Hawaii. I took some of the jewelry and bank books and put them in my safe deposit box. I phoned the branch of Security Pacific early this morning and they said that the safe deposit boxes are now transfered to Westchester branch. I have to find a driver and then make an appointment to examine my boxes. Tomorrow, I must go to USC from some business and deposit some money in USC branch so that I can pay some bills. I hope they will have another branch in our neighborhood. ? is the only branch within walking distance.

I miss seeing you and also miss your phone calls. You were much closer to us when you worked for Texas Instruments. Hope you will have time to give me a ring soon. Please take good care of yourself. You are still very precious to me.



Huang Chen is going to take me to the cemetery early tomorrow morning. It was a year ago that Grandpa left us.