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The Future of the Internet

I’ve had many thoughts and discussions about the internet and its enormous untapped potential. It’s been a little over 10 years since the internet boom began. Yet, the internet has just begun to impact and influence our lives. No one can predict with any accuracy the future of this technology, but I hope one day, people will read this article and say that I got it right.

The internet is still extremely PC centric. PCs have evolved substantially in the last 10 years in order to accommodate the new demands of internet applications. PCs have more memory and hard drive space to accommodate sound and video which has now become ubiquitous. More importantly, broadband velocities have been following Moore’s Law. Cable is being replaced by fiber as the fastest and most reliable broadband options, opening up even more potential. Read More

Send Me an Angel

I wrote this song shortly after leaving Gateway. I was in my new house in Myrtle Beach pounding beers and hammering on my guitar. That was seven years ago, and now I am married to a truly fantastic woman. After so long, I finally found my angel. Next Tom took the song, and it now has a 50’s retro country type of sound to it.

Lord I know you've heard my prayers 
D              A 
Each and every night 
And I know I've heard your voice saying      
everything's all right 
Lord I know you're watching me 
D                    A 
And all the things I need 
A                     D 
But there's still one thing 
   B7             E 
To make it all complete      
A                       D 
Send me an angel, straight from up above 
A                                                E 
Let me feel your soothing grace and shower me with love 
A                    D 
Send me an angel, to sing my harmonies 
A                          E 
Send me an angel made especially for me

Singing straight from the heart
I want the old life to come to an end
And another one to start



I look all around me

I see couples holding hands

Oh, how I want someone too

I know You'll understand


(double chorus)