Send Me an Angel

I wrote this song shortly after leaving Gateway. I was in my new house in Myrtle Beach pounding beers and hammering on my guitar. That was seven years ago, and now I am married to a truly fantastic woman. After so long, I finally found my angel. Next Tom took the song, and it now has a 50’s retro country type of sound to it.

Lord I know you've heard my prayers 
D              A 
Each and every night 
And I know I've heard your voice saying      
everything's all right 
Lord I know you're watching me 
D                    A 
And all the things I need 
A                     D 
But there's still one thing 
   B7             E 
To make it all complete      
A                       D 
Send me an angel, straight from up above 
A                                                E 
Let me feel your soothing grace and shower me with love 
A                    D 
Send me an angel, to sing my harmonies 
A                          E 
Send me an angel made especially for me

Singing straight from the heart
I want the old life to come to an end
And another one to start



I look all around me

I see couples holding hands

Oh, how I want someone too

I know You'll understand


(double chorus)